The History of the Limousine: From the French Region of Limousin to Hollywood Stars

Learn about who invented limos & why! Discover how they evolved over time & how they've become synonymous with Hollywood stars & politicians.

The History of the Limousine: From the French Region of Limousin to Hollywood Stars

It wasn't until 1928 that a company in Fort Smith, Arkansas, called Armbruster created the first “elastic limousine”. Its initial main use was to transport jazz celebrities and their big bands from one concert to another. The first limousines for cars originated in 1902, less than two decades after the invention of the first practical car. It was said that the separate and covered compartment of these first engine-powered limousines in which the driver sat looked like a cape worn by the inhabitants of the French region of Limousin, which gave rise to the word “limousine”.

To this day, we have maintained the concept of a limousine with a driver separated from the passengers. This partition also allows passengers who are partying in the back of limousines to legally consume alcohol. The first automotive limousine developed in 1902 was designed for the driver to sit outside under a covered compartment. This brings us back to the origin of the word limousine, so called because this covered compartment physically looked like the hood worn by people who lived in Limoges.

The first limousine for cars was invented not long after the first car was invented. The first automotive limousine was invented in 1902, less than twenty years after the first practical cars were manufactured. The notable feature that differentiates limousines from other vehicles (or, in this case, from carriages) is that the driver is in a compartment completely separate from that of his fare. As limousines increasingly became a symbol of status and wealth, luxury car companies began creating their own limousine lines to cater to wealthy buyers.

In recent years, companies have tried to outdo each other by installing increasingly luxurious and extravagant features in their limousines. In particular, airport shuttle services are often referred to as limousine services, although they often use minibuses. Limousines are one of the most classic car designs and their history is older than you probably think. As time went on, limousines began to have a greater reputation for transporting rich and famous people, such as Hollywood stars and politicians.

The incorporation of new technologies and different types of vehicles available for stretching has led to an increase in “new style” limousines. Because of the separation behind the driver, Hackney carriages are a type of limousine, although they are not usually identified as such in Great Britain. There are limousines that are based on SUV and Hummer designs, there are also limousines that look like vans and buses. The last production limousine, from Cadillac, with folding seats facing forward, was in 1987 (with its Fleetwood Series 75 model), the last Packard in 1954 and the last Lincoln in 1939, although Lincoln has offered limousines through its dealers as special-order vehicles on occasion.

Hummer H2 short and elastic black limousine with 6 doors This H2 has been slightly stretched to accommodate 2 additional standard doors and an additional row of seats. In the United States, the limousine subcategories in 1916 were the Berliner, defined as a limousine with the driver's seat fully closed, and the Brougham, defined as a limousine without a roof above the driver's seat. The limousine body style usually has a partition that separates the driver from the rear passenger compartment. Today, limousines are still used to transport the rich and famous, but they are also designed to transport much larger numbers of people.

The history of limos dates back more than a century ago when they were first used to transport jazz celebrities and their big bands from one concert to another. The term 'limo' is derived from 'Limoges', a French region where people wore hoods similar to those found on early engine-powered cars with separate compartments for drivers and passengers. Since then, luxury car companies have created their own lines of limos for wealthy buyers who wanted to show off their status and wealth. Limos have evolved over time with new technologies and different types of vehicles available for stretching them out even further.

From Hummer H2s with 6 doors to vans and buses that look like stretched out limos - there's something for everyone! Airport shuttle services often refer to themselves as 'limo services', even though they usually use minibuses instead. Limos have become synonymous with Hollywood stars and politicians who use them for transportation purposes but they can also be used by anyone who wants to make an impression or just wants to travel in style! Whether you're looking for something classic or something more modern - there's sure to be a perfect fit for you.

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